by Karen Ruoff


translated into German by Christa Schuenke 

from author’s manuscript (English)

At a much-vaunted US university, Eve Braintree battles against the combined adversity of dwindling budgets, egomaniacal cravings for recognition and white-collar corruption. In this environment, every vulnerability is used against you. Only her eccentric tomcat Byron has her back. Until Eve unexpectedly attracts a powerful ally…

The first terrifying truth Eve acknowledged was that countless others could do her job every bit as well as she could. The next was: They could do it better. On the heels of this concession came the foreboding revelation that one of them soon would...

Ivory tower intrigues, rampant greed, scholarly smokescreens, and romance: Karen Ruoff’s satire of campus life, Academia, is a trenchant farce on the state of higher education today. And a timely wake-up call for those whose educational sympathies might still be indexed on rankings-driven college management.